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24Task: Best Freelancing Site to Find Freelance Jobs Online

“Work whenever and wherever you like!” --- a promising opportunity that only freelancing jobs can offer you.
Millions of people around the globe have already discovered the benefits and perks offered by this emerging gig economy. 
According to the projected figures fromStatista, freelancers are expected to make up over 50% of the U.S. workforce alone (86.5 million people) by 2027.
With the ever growing opportunities for freelance workers, I won't even be surprised if it’s the reason why you’re reading through this article. Looking for freelance jobs online is quite easy so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. With the advent of technology, job searching is just several clicks away.
Read more for invaluable tips on how to make a killing as a freelancer, thanks to one of the best freelancing sites on the internet.
How to find freelance work online? Freelance opportunities are lucrative and in-demand. But, do you have what it takes to work as a freelancer? Essentially, anyone can…
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Boosts Your Business Online Presence: Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer Now!

The competition in our current digital marketplace is getting more and more difficult and challenging. It requires a lot of effort, time and money to keep your website visitors engaged which literally means making your website not only informative and useful but also visually appealing. 
A freelance graphic designer can help you optimize your website design, logo and graphical contents. To give you a heads-up, the digital marketing trends and statistics below will help you understand more the need for a skilled freelance Graphic Designer more important than ever!
Important Graphic Design Statistics in 2020 · Did you know that visual images (created by graphic designers) are the most significant type of content – even more important than blogging, podcasting, and videos (Social Media Examiner)? · People have a65% recollection rate when a message is combined with a visual graphic – in comparison to a meager 10% recollection without a visual. · Credible researchshows that the human brain proc…

5 Reasons Why Your Business Need an Online Virtual Assistant

Working late at night again? Too many workloads and you wish to improve your efficiency? It might be time to hire anonline personal assistant today and start taking your pressures off of your sleeves. Start focusing on growing your business, let your virtual assistants help you make them possible!
Let’s face it; most businesses need the multitasking prowess of an online virtual assistant. This is a talented individual who provides creative, technical, or administrative support from a remote location (i.e., outside the client’s office). Wondering if you should be looking for a virtual assistant?
Read on to learn what online virtual assistants offer, and how your business might benefit from their services.
Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant

1.Increased Productivity Did you know that85% of employees are either actively disengaged or not engaged in the workplace? Anotherstudy by Exeter University claims that productivity and employee well-being drop by 15% and 35% respectively in an open …

Major Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Assistant From the Philippines

The BPO industry is undeniably one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Philippines. From a lone call center business pioneering the industry in the year 1992, the sector had seen a very impressive development over the decade. In fact, the BPO sector alone single-handedly generated millions of jobs and revenues over the past decades, making it the second-largest source of income in the Philippines.
Now these BPO companies hire executives to become professional virtual assistants. They have undergone rigorous training to work as an effective and efficient even top performing remote workers for the client company of the BPO company they are currently working.
BPO companies in the Philippines The considerable length of operations of BPO companies in the Philippines have paved a way to standardization. Due to this standardization, outsourcing businesses were able to showcase excellent service to their clientele by offering general as well as specialized  virtual assistance.
Most businesse…

Secrets in Marketing Success: Defining Ways to Help Your Business Earn More

“Marketing is the lifeblood of any business.”
If you are reading this article, you’re probably one of those who are looking for better and more effective way to market your products or services. Well, you’re not alone but you can consider yourself lucky to have found this article as you are about to learn new business strategy to uplift your marketing.
Marketing being the lifeblood of your business is considered one of the most important aspects of it. Marketing help boost and sustain your sales therefore it needs to be highly effective. But, before we tackle more about this, let us first define the term “Marketing”.
Marketing is the act of promoting a business’s products and/or services. Advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, public relations (PR), and branding on the other hand falls under a broader scope of marketing.
Now the real problem you’ll face if you have a very tight budget allocation to hire marketing employees is you that you can’t basically push through…

How to Find the Perfect Virtual Office Assistant for Your Business?

Starting up your own business requires an ample amount of time planning. You will need a carefully crafted business plan to help you gauge all your business needs from your basic production processes down to the different marketing strategies that you will implement. Most importantly, you have to plan your organizational structure very well. Why? Mainly because these are the people that will help you throughout your journey in reaching your business goals.
Irl employees vs. remote virtual executives, does it ring a bell? In our previous articles, we have already explained the benefits of hiring virtual assistants and freelancers over an Irl or in-real-life employees, but basically, efficiently cutting your overhead cost top it all. Now, the million dollar question is, “Where would you find the perfect virtual office assistants to carry on all of your business tasks?”
For a head-start, here’s a clue---“You don’t have to waste your precious time interviewing and screening applicants just …