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Work As A Freelance Writer And Get Paid To Write

Still half hearted about working as a freelancer? Well these statistical data and facts that we have gathered here might be just the “push” you need to  make up your mind.

The economy of freelancers called the “gig economy” is truly booming nowadays. Experts say it is not like any other passing trends and has been predicted to stay that way for the next decade to come.

This promising economy does not only provide freelancers an avenue to have a decent source of income but it also promotes a more balanced life for them. It allows them to spend more time doing what you really love the most and work at their discretion. Most of the time freelancers can decide how much time they would like to work but often, it depends upon the agreement between them and their clients. If you prefer to work on a flexible time then it might be high time for you to join the growing population of freelance workers today.

Still having second thoughts about working as a freelancer? Don’t worry as this is not some vague reassurances and promises. Of course I understand that you need some reliable facts and information to base your decision in changing your career course and we’re here to help you realize that working as a freelancer is indeed a great decision to make. Let the following figures speak for themselves.

Freelancing is indeed a booming economy...
Be confident, take a look at this data, this is the current situation of freelance job market in the US alone.
     Freelancing provides more job opportunities compared to custom job markets. 42% of freelancers say that freelancing gives them the flexibility they need because they are unable to work for a traditional employer.
     More people are choosing to freelance. 56.7 million (35%) of Americans in 2018 which is up by 7% since 2013. Another driving factor behind this surge is the fact that more Americans are now prioritizing their lifestyles over their earnings. In fact, 84% of full-time freelancers choose to freelance not only to prioritize their lifestyle but also because it gives them a better work /life balance.
     Americans spend more time in freelancing. The average weekly hours spent on freelancing has notably increased from 998 million hours per week in 2015 to 1.07 billion hours per week of freelancing in 2018.
     Technology is enabling freelancing. 64% of freelancers find their works online last year which is up by 22% from 2014’s figure. Data also shows that 47% of freelancers are millennials as this generation is known to be

Ways how freelancers look for jobs
There are several ways freelancers find work. The most common one is through online marketplaces which constitutes to 73% of freelancers while 33% of freelancers find work via word-of-mouth/referrals. Other ways include using social media platforms, networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook page, recruitment agency and others.

There is a bright future ahead of freelancing

Basically the main reason why people choose to freelance is because freelancing enable them to work remotely allowing them to have a more work-life balance. People are getting more conscious with their health nowadays that they prefer to have a work that fits a healthier lifestyle.
     Businesses and individuals are embracing remote jobs. 20% of large business organizations around the world with more than 1000 employees allocate 30% remote workers.
     50% of organizations have increased the use of freelance workers in the last five years.
     80% of Americans want to work remotely which means you’re not alone.
There are several reasons why more and more people are choosing to freelance and there are certainly a lot of job offers that you can take. Another great thing about freelancing is that you can work on different clients on several tasks as long as you want.

For instance, you can work as a marketing agent for a marketing firm for 5 hours a day 6 days a week then after your 5-hour shift, you can have a writing task from other client for maybe 2 to 3 hours daily constituting to a total of 8 hours of work a day. It’s your discretion if you can work less/more than that. Don’t waste your talent in writing! Start your journey at 24Task Virtual Assistance company as a freelance writer today!


  1. Interesting! I have always been doubting if I can ever make money with some of my writing skills. Now, I don't so much. This article really gave me a push!


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